Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage that focuses specifically on tensions and blockages in both body and mind.

The connective tissue is in connection with both the body and mind also the mind body connection. These are connected in parallel with each other, they both give information to each other and communicate with each other. When there is voltage the information flow present in the body become blocked. It becomes less possible to sense and / or listen to body signals. A good quality deep massage from a massage specialist such as Essex Body Care can help unblock and relax the body.

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The deep tissue massage is a holistic way of working which gives the body the space to relax and restore the balance.

Connective tissue gives the body shape and structure as well as strength and flexibility. Voltages which are fixedly put in the connective tissue, ensure that the tissues are less flexible and therefore stiffer.

Emotional or mental stress have their effect on the connective tissue. When emotions (yet) have not been processed, or when we are not in contact with the body, the voltages are raised from these stored and held in the connective tissue of the body.

Complaints can then sneak in are:

-Shoulder – neck – and back complaints


– Headaches / Migraine

– Tension Pain and stiffness of muscles and joints.

– Burn out.

Effect of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage from a Chelmsford massage specialist aims to restore the connection between body and mind. This way you can be brought back in touch with your deeper layers, both physically and mentally / emotionally. It can help you in a natural way to assist in raising awareness and inner growth.

Effects of connective tissue massage

– Let go of stress (both physical and emotional)

– Recovery from stress symptoms (including chronic complaints)

– Return of mobility and freedom of movement

– Let go of stress patterns

– More energy and better peace of mind

– More in contact with body and feeling (consciousness)