Saving Energy With the Clever Use of Lighting

The winter period in the UK is usually known as the cold and dark days of the year. During these days’ energy use rise rapidly in English households. This is of course because it is colder and radiators and central heating systems are more at us. Another big consumer of energy in winter is the home lighting as residents in the UK experience sunset very early in the day. Do you want to know how you can save energy this year? In this article we give you some ideas that can help you with smarter use of your lighting increasing the likelihood to save energy in the winter.


Replacing light bulbs

For many decades, there has been little change in the field of lighting and home lighting. The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison and perfected by Philips which has hardly changed later through the years. However, in recent years there have CFLs and LED bulbs on the market that use a lot less power than existing incandescent bulbs.

Turn off the lights

Saving energy with lighting is very easy by simply switching off the lights. Now, we advise you not to sit in the dark overnight in your living room, but care may be taken that the lighting is switched off in rooms where no one is present.

Using motion sensors

Lighting that we use during the dark days of the year is not just indoors. Even outdoors we use lighting to illuminate porches and doors. You can avoid that these lamps continue to burn throughout the night by the use of motion sensors.